The Stoessel Foundation

Our Mission

 The Stoessel Foundation is driven by our mission “Giving the gift of hope to all”. Our mission is focused on strengthening the community by empowering the family unit directed towards preconception, conception, prenatal care, maternity care, delivery, and infant and pediatric care.

 By collaborating on enhancing services in this area, it will reduce risks of complications that we are faced with in society from all the ill effects from maternity care, as well as newborn and pediatric care.

 By achieving this goal, it will strengthen our family unit which helps to build a community, which helps to build a village, which helps to build a society. The Stoessel Foundation supports whole family health through education, training, and youth development.

Our Goal

 Dr Stoessel decided to start “The Stoessel Foundation” in hopes to reduce the Maternal Mortality rates. We are passionate to develop safe Maternity programs and work with other programs to develop excellent Maternity care, job training for Medical Professionals, & support Education offering scholarships to our youth.

Food pantries will be setup in Port St Lucie, and Palm Springs area to serve our Diabetic & Hypertensive Mothers. We will also teach our Mothers proper nutrition & care. Eventually, we will grow our program and offer classes to teach mothers how to cook healthy meals and so much more!!!

Stay Tuned! 

Stay Tuned for Updates!